Welcome to Electrochemical Sensor Technology (EST) Ltd. We are a leading and specialist SME involved in the research, development, design and manufacture of electrochemical sensors. We can be found in Castle Eden, County Durham, England.

  • EST has an extensive background in instrumentation system design, and chemical analysis covering both gaseous and liquid phase systems. Our experience includes work at ambient conditions, as well as systems that are operated at elevated temperature and pressure. 
  • We have recently announced the completion of development work on a portable liquid phase ammonium ion sensor system. The device, which is known by the acronym 'ESTAPAS' is extremely simple to use, self contained, portable, and specific for ammonium dissolved in the liquid phase.
  • The sensor system is operated using a hand-held control unit that provides an electrochemical analytical measurement function. The sensor component is a specially designed and reliable disposable (single-use) electrode unit.
  • The sensor provides for a measurement range of 0 to 50 ppm w/v ammonium ion.
  • Advantages of the 'ESTAPAS' device includes a total freedom from turbidity problems, or the commonly found difficulties associated with chloride ion interferences. The ammonium ion sensor is ideally suitable for water quality monitoring, and sewage treatment processes. Indeed, the sensor may be used in all aqueous environments, and is presently being considered for biological fluid analysis.

  • For more information, and details of 'ESTAPAS' please contact us at: -


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Registered Office: Suite A, Elddis Business Park, Finchale Road, Durham City. DH1 5HE

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